Luna's Wand Necklace

$245.00 NZD

Brand Hearts & Arrows

This stunning pendant is hand-crafted from your choice of gold, and comes on an antiqued sterling silver chain.

Chain Metal Options:
  Sterling Silver: Free
  10k Yellow Gold: $120 USD
  10k White Gold: $120 USD
  10k Rose Gold: $120 USD
  14k Yellow Gold: $220 USD
  14k  White Gold: $220 USD
  14k  Rose Gold: $220 USD
  18k Yellow Gold: $310 USD
  18k White Gold: $310 USD
  18k Rose Gold: $310 USD
  Platinum: $420 USD

  - Sterling Silver Wand $245 USD
  - 10k Gold Wand $359 USD
  - 14k Gold Wand $490 USD
  - 18k Gold Wand $589 USD
  - Platinum Wand $723 USD