Leyla Ring

$10,799.00 NZD

Brand Coronet Solitaire

Coronet Solitaire's patented design places six diamonds around an elevated centre diamond to create the effect of a much larger solitaire. The surrounding diamonds securely hold the centre stone without the use of any claws. This design innovation boasts 399 facets in contrast to the 57 facets offered by the traditional single stone - the effect is unparalleled brilliance.

The Leyla Engagement Ring is designed to dazzle, with 1.90 carats of diamonds in 14k white gold. Thanks to the patented Coronet Solitaire setting, it has the impact of a five carat solitaire. Adding to this modern style ring are a pave set halo and diamond band for even more sparkle, because sometimes more is definitely more. All the diamonds are conflict-free.