Abbraccio Curved Diamond Band AB100-H

$2,628.29 NZD

Brand Danhov

Our Abbraccio Curved Diamond Band by Danhov is handmade in the U.S. 40 diamonds total 0.28 carats. Available in Platinum, 14k and 18k Gold.

For a perfect match, pair with our AE100-CU, AE100-EMEW, AE133-EMEW, AE133-EM, AE133-MQEW, AE133-PR, AE141, AE107, AE100, AE100-AS, AE100-BLK, AE100-EM, AE100-MQEW, AE100-OVEW, AE100-PR, AE133, AE133-AS and AE133-OV.