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Hearts & Arrows diamonds are peerless in their perfection, the ultimate symbol of love. Our diamonds are unmatched in precision, delivering kaleidoscopic patterns of hearts from below and arrows from above. True hearts and arrows cannot be achieved by a novice diamond cutter. A skilled cutter will use a combination of the most state-of-the-art technology and long-earned technique to optimize the diamond's performance, sacrificing valuable diamond weight in the pursuit of the most perfect cut. With such an exacting shape comes a prism of brilliant light and colors that cannot be achieved in commonly cut diamonds.

Hearts & Arrows is proud to exclusively sell these highest-quality gems.

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A detailed history.

Three men from different continents and different time periods were influential in bringing us the sophisticated, high-performing hearts and arrows cut we know today.

In America in the 1870s, Boston cutter Henry D. Morse introduced the revolutionary concept of cutting diamonds for beauty verses weight. The idea of sacrificing valuable rough to produce a more scientifically-crafted stone faced resistance, but gradually the idea took hold. It would forever change the diamond world.

Decades later in 1919, Belgian mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky documented specific angles and percentages in his book Diamond Design. These top and bottom angles would later become the basis of the cut grade system taught by GIA as “Ideal Cut proportions” in their gemology course materials until about 1980.

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