Be a jetsetter and save 15 percent.

If you're flying to Australia (or any other country) out of Auckland or Christchurch Airports, you can save 15%* on your entire purchase over $3000. 

How it works.

We normally charge 15% Goods & Services Tax (GST) on all of the jewellery we sell in New Zealand. GST is added when you select "New Zealand" as the shipping country during checkout. If you are flying overseas and your purchase is for your own personal use, you can make a GST free purchase.

What you have to do.

It's simple! Add items to your cart as you would on a normal puchase. At checkout enter the discount code DUTYFREE and we'll take 15% off your order as long as the shipping address is in New Zealand. While processing your order a representative will contact you to confirm the travel itinerary*.

Rather than mailing your jewellery to your door, we keep it on hold at the Auckland or Christchurch Airport Duty Free Collection Point. When you arrive at the airport you can claim your package after you pass through security.

What you should know.

Other retailers don't like mentioning this part, but we believe you should have all the facts. Just like any GST Free purchase, if you return to New Zealand and bring your jewellery with you, you will be asked to declare duty-free purchases. If you declare your purchase, you will still be obligated to pay GST at the New Zealand customs office.

If you have any questions, we are glad to help. Please call us at 09 889 1119 or e-mail

*Please allow up to 8 weeks for us to have your item ready at the airport. Many products are available more quickly; please contact us if you have a specific product and travel date in mind.