These are the jewellers we support and help support us.



CAMPBELL by Michelle Campbell Mason is a Jewelry brand inspired by the relationship between nature and the urban landscape.


Classic Collection

Classic Collection consists of timeless pieces for every occasion, from an engagement to a birthday - to buying something special for yourself. We built our Classic Collection around three ideas: Quality, Style, and Value. We traveled all over the world to source stylish, contemporary designs with the best possible diamonds, and our margins on these items are very low. There's no longer any need to compromise when you can have it all.


Coronet Solitaire

Coronet Solitaire has a worldwide patent for its two-tiered design consisting of an elevated central diamond surrounded by six diamonds creating the look and effect of a much larger, singular stone. The center diamond is set without any prongs for vastly superior light refraction, giving Coronet diamonds 399 dazzling facets instead of 57.



What makes Danhov's rings so unique? Simply put, no molds are used. All of the jewellery created by Danhov is made either by hand or is hand assembled - further exemplifying the precision and individuality for which Danhov is known. This preserves the quality and unique intricacies of the ring that only handmade and hand assembled pieces show. Each piece is crafted by Master Jewellers experienced in both traditional and modern methods. In addition, the process of creating a Danhov ring is among the most eco-friendly on the planet and avoids many of the harsh chemicals used in the traditional molding process.



Moratorium is a collection of jewellery, handcrafted from precious metals in Brooklyn, New York.  Drawing inspiration from lines, forms, patterns and structures—both man-made and natural—Moratorium creates bold, minimalistic and unique pieces for men and women.


Penny Preville

First inspired by the sparkling treasures in her grandmother's jewelry box, Penny Preville has emerged as an award-winning jewelry designer. Her signature style is defined by femininity, luxury, and intricate detail. Penny Preville designs have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet, in movie and television productions, and in their personal lives. Every piece is crafted by master jewellers in New York.



Parisian designer Alexis Théry created Ursul to redefine men's jewellery. In doing so, he designed jewellery so alluring that women might be tempted to appropriate it. And many already have. Ursul has two contemporary collections: URSUL HOMME, and URSUL FEMME. Today, the men’s and women’s collections call and respond to each other, drawing apart to come together again. Every piece of jewellery by Ursul is 100% made in France.


Whitehouse Brothers

Whitehouse Brothers  was founded in 1898 by Joseph C. and William H. Whitehouse. The brothers quickly developed a reputation for manufacturing finely designed and crafted platinum jewellery. The jewellers at Whitehouse Brothers were truly renaissance men. By the early 1920’s Whitehouse Brothers had grown to become the largest manufacturing jeweller in America, employing over 100 craftsmen. Among those employed were designers of precious metal jewellery, who were being classically trained in Cincinnati as metal sculptors.