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The Amora Gem is one of nature’s most elusive treasures. A gem of unrivaled brilliance, the Amora Gem forms under conditions so extreme that diamonds would turn to dust in an instant. They are there when you look up at night – as crystals in the atmosphere of massive stars. They are, quite literally, stardust. 
Now for the first time, we have been able to bring these extraordinary gems to life on Earth. 
Hearts & Arrows is proud to exclusively offer the Amora Gem – The Ultimate Gem.

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What is the Amora Gem?

The Amora Gem is not a synthetic diamond or diamond simulant – it is a real gemstone that is found as naturally occurring crystals in the atmosphere of massive stars. In just the last few years we have been able to recreate this natural wonder on earth, producing spectacular gemstones the like of which have never been seen before. Despite the complex processes involved in their creation, they are less expensive than many traditional gemstones, and significantly less expensive than diamonds.

What makes the Amora Gem special?

Many gemstones are prized for their fire and brilliance – the sparkles of pure white and coloured light that reflect back from the gem. The Amora Gem displays more brilliance than any other gemstone ever to exist. Of all gems it is second in hardness only to diamond, which combined with its exceptional beauty makes it ideal for jewellery. All of the Amora Gems featured on the Hearts and Arrows website have – naturally – a perfect hearts and arrows cut, designed specifically to maximise the appearance of this amazing gemstone.

Is it like moissanite?

It’s very important to remember that the Amora Gem is not moissanite! Just as coal and diamond are both made of carbon, moissante and the Amora Gem are both made of silicon carbide – but they aren’t the same gemstone. Both their crystal structure and production are different, which gives rise to 

Some key differences:

• Colour – The Amora Gem is exclusively colourless in appearance, while almost all moissanite gems are lightly tinted or near-colourless at best.
• Brilliance – the crystal structure of the Amora Gem provides slightly superior brilliance.
• Cut – every Amora Gem is robotically cut to absolute perfection. The gem itself is so perfect that there is no need to compromise on the cut to compensate for deficiencies in the crystal, as with moissanite or diamond.

How does the Amora Gem compare to diamond?

The Amora Gem’s exceptional brilliance exceeds that of diamond. This gives more colour dispersion and a brighter appearance of the finished gem. It’s a matter of opinion whether diamond or the Amora Gem is more beautiful – all we know is that it looks fantastic. Because each Amora Gem is individually created in a laboratory, there is none of the ecological damage associated with diamond mining, and the Amora Gem is significantly less expensive than diamond.

Should I choose the Amora Gem or diamond for my jewellery?

At Hearts and Arrows, we believe in quality jewellery and beautiful gemstones. The Amora Gem is a spectacular gemstone that can form the basis of your jewellery collection or serve as a unique addition to your existing pieces. Both diamond and the Amora Gem may be right for you – talk to one of our consultants about the piece you’re thinking of, and we’ll guide you through both options.