Penny Preville Featured in Merci

One of our favourite New York designers Penny Preville was featured in Merci New York. In her interview Penny Preville describes her dream ring (hint: it's blue) and gives advice on how to buy a ring. 

Excerpt: "When my eldest son Skyler became serious about getting engaged, it was really important for me to be the one who designed it! I poured my heart and soul into designing the perfect ring to represent the two of them, Skyler and Mara, as a couple. Now, the "Mara Ring” is one of our bestsellers. This inspired me to continue to personally design rings for family members, close friends and to be inspired by love stories from the past. Today, each has become a part of my bridal line, named for the woman who inspired it. This way, anyone who chooses Penny Preville for such an important life milestone as their engagement, is instantly part of our family."

View the full article here. Then, view our stunning collection of Penny Preville jewellery here.

January 10, 2013 by Danielle Saudino