Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends of 2013


1. Vintage

Vintage engagement rings have never been hotter. We love Whitehouse Brothers for their old-school die strike casting techniques and true vintage style. We're equally charmed by Penny Preville's fanciful vintage Engagement Ring designs. Look for romantic details like pave diamonds, hand-carved swirls, and vine motifs. Vintage styles also compliment special diamond cuts like cushion, pear, emerald, or asscher cut diamonds, and unusual metals like pink gold



2. Nature

From New York to New Zealand, designers this year were inspired by nature. In a massive departure from "modern" minimalism, we saw curls and twists and all-over pave. Some designers set diamonds inside huge golden flowers, while others favored subtler interpretations. We love this Danhov style; it's modeled after flower petals, but won't look dated in a few years time. Karen Walker, Penny PrevilleVan Cleef & Arpels, and Tacori also joined in with their own floral-inspired designs.



3. Twirl 

This year sweeping swirl designs have proven they are more than just a fad. Perhaps it's because they look so darn flattering on everyone. The diagonal sweep elongates the finger for long, sleek-looking hands… and who could say no to that? If you're looking for a style that's classy and different, consider one of these elegant engagement rings by popular designers Danhov and Coronet Solitaire.



4. Halo 

2013 was the year of the diamond halo. Some people say the bigger the better, but us? We love dainty halos made with lots of smaller diamonds. They compliment the center diamond but don't steal the show. Aside from their stylish design, halos also enhance the centre diamond (or gemstone) by adding sparkle and causing the ring to appear larger. For something a little different, try a cushion-shaped halo with a round diamond. 



5. Colours

2013 was a colourful year! Dazzling gems proved they were no longer just for royal fingers. Many couples expressed their love in vivid colour, choosing coloured diamonds and gemstones for their engagement rings. Sapphires, rubies, champagne diamonds, pink diamonds, black diamonds, and yellow diamonds were all popular, due to their rich array of colours and impressive durability. For those who just want a little colour, consider selecting a setting with coloured gemstone accents. Or, try a coloured gold like Yellow Gold or Rose Gold. 



What do you think? Would you fall in love with one of these Engagement Ring styles? This author would! (Hint, hint)


November 24, 2013 by Steven Ketchum
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